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Scanned copy Payne Smith (Mrs Margoliouth) A Compendius Syriac Dictionary on CD-ROM

"Syriac Lexicons" CD-ROM with 3 scanned books:

1. J. Payne Smith (Mrs Margoliouth) "A Compendius Syriac Dictionary"
2. William Jennings, M.A. "Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament (Peshitta)"
3. Bilingual New Covenant Syriac-English

J. Payne Smith Mrs Margoliouth A Compendius Syriac Dictionary

William Jennings Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament Peshitta

Bilingual New Covenant Syriac English

in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format with high resolution you can buy for $10 plus $8 for sending by registred mail. Buy from our Catalog >>

Example of resolution:

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"Syriac Studies" CD-ROM with next scanned books:

1. Theodore H. Robinson "Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar", Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1915, 159 pages.
2. Dom L. Palacio "Grammatica Syriaca ad usum scholarum", Desclee & C., 1954, 289 pages.
3. L. Costaz, s.j. "Tableaux de grammaire syriaque", Beyrouth, 1965, 52 pages
4. Sebastian Brock "Introduction to Syriac Studies", 31 pages
5. Efrem Yildiz "The Aramaic Language and its Classification", 22 pages
6. Bishop J. E. Manna "A Grammar of the Aramaic language according to the Chaldean and Syriac dialects", Beirut, 1975, 356 pages.
7. Dr. Eberhard Nestle "Syriac Grammar with Biography, Chrestomathy and Glossary", London. 1900, 195 pages.
8. "The Elements of Syriac Grammar with reading lessons consisting of copious extracts from the Peshitta version ofthe Old and New Testaments and the Crusade of Richard I from the chronicles of bar Hebraeus", Samuel Bagster and Sons Ltd., London, 1906, 119 pages
9. Syriac Orthodox Daily Prayer Book, 254 pages.
10. Syriac Aramaic New Testament (Estrangelo script)
11. Syriac Aramaic/English bilingual New Testament (Serto script with vowels)

The cost of this CD-ROM is $15 plus $8 for sending by registred mail.

"Syriac Gospels" CD-ROM with next scanned books:

1. Philip Edward Pusey, George Henry Gwilliam "Tetraeuangelium Sanctum: Juxta Simplicem Syrorum Versionem Ad Fidem Codicum, Massorae, Editionum ", BFBS, London, 1901. XVI+608 pages. This is a critical edition of the four Gospels of the Peshitta New Testament based on the readings of forty one manuscripts from the fifth century onwards, both "Nestorian" and "Jacobite." It also includes the Eusebian canon tables and notes from the Qarkafta (the Syriac equivalent of the Hebrew Massora).
2. Whish, Henry. "Clavis Syriaca: A Key to the Ancient Syriac Version Called “Peshito” of the Four Holy Gospels". 1883. 588 pages. A verse-by-verse lexical and grammatical commentary.

The cost of this CD-ROM is $10 plus $8 for sending by registred mail.

"Thesaurus Syriacus" CD-ROM with next scanned book:

R. Payne Smith, Thesaurus Syriacus, Oxonii, e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1879-1901, 2 volumes, 2300 pages, pdf..

The cost of this CD-ROM is $10 plus $8 for sending by registred mail.