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Old Testament Studies

Alfred S. Geden, R. Kilgour "Introduction to the Ginsburg Edition of the Hebrew Old Testament"

Theodore Parker "A critical and historical introduction to the canonical Scriptures of the Old Testament"

E. W. Bullinger, D.D. "Figures of Speech used in the Bible, explained and illustrated"

C. D. Ginsburg "Introduction to the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible"

Massoreth Ha-Massoreth of Elias Levita, being an exposition of the massoretic notes on the Hebrew Bible, or the ancient critical apparatus of the Old Testament in Hebrew, with an English translation, and critical and explanatory notes, by Christian D. Ginsburg, LL. D.

Jacob Ben Chajim ibn Adonijah's Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible, Hebrew and English; with explanatory notes by Christian D. Ginsburg, LL.D.

C. D. Ginsburg "Essay on the Massorah"

C. D. Ginsburg "Song of Songs, Translated from the Original Hebrew, with a Commentary, Historical and Critical"

Alfred S. Geden "Title The Massoretic notes contained in the edition of the Hebrew scriptures"

Richard Ottley "A handbook to the Septuagint"

In progress:

C.D. Ginsburg, The Massorah Compiled from the Manuscripts

Paul Kahle, The Cairo Geniza

Alfred S. Geden, Outline of Introduction to the Hebrew Bible