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A manual of the Chaldee language

Elias Riggs A manual of the Chaldee languageElias Riggs, A.M.

A manual of the Chaldee language
containing a Chaldee grammar, chiefly from the German of Professor G. B. Winer; a chrestomathy, consisting of selections from the targums, and including the whole of the Biblical Chaldee, with notes; and a vocabulary, adapted to the chrestomathy. With an appendix on the Rabbinical character and style

Boston: Perkins and Marvin, 1832

RIGGS, Elias, missionary, born in New Providence, Union County, New Jersey, 19 November, 1810. He was graduated at Amherst in 1829, and at Andover theological seminary in 1832. He was a missionary at Athens and Argos, Greece, for the American board, from 1832 till 1838, and in Smyrna, Asia Minor, from 1838 till 1853. Since the latter date he has labored at Constantinople. He visited the United States in 1856, taught Hebrew in Union theological seminary in 1857-8, and was invited to become professor there, but preferred to return to his foreign field The translation of the Scriptures into the Turkish language was placed in 1873 by the British and foreign Bible society and the American Bible society in the hands of a committee, of which he was a member. As a result of its labors, the entire Bible was published in both Arabic and Armenian characters in 1878. A revision was made by a larger committee, including Dr. Riggs, and the new work was issued in 1886. Mr. Riggs received the degree of D. D. from Hanover college, Indiana, in 1853, and that of LL, D. from Amherst in 1871. He is the author of "A Manual of the Chaldee Language, etc." (Andover, 1832; revised ed., New York, 1858: and several later editions); "The Young Forester, a Brief Memoir of the Early Life of the Swedish Missionary, Fjelstedt" (1840); "Translation of the Scriptures into the Modern Armenian Language," completed with the aid of ha-tire scholars (Smyrna, 1853 ; reprinted in many editions in Constantinople and New York) ;" Grammatical Notes on the Bulgarian Language " (Smyrna, 1844) ; "Grammar of the Modern Armenian Language, with a Vocabulary" (1847; 2d ed., Constantinople, 1856); "Grammar of the Turkish Language as written in the Armenian Character"; "Translation of the Scriptures into the Bulgarian Language" (1871 ; several editions, Constantinople and Vienna); "Suggested Emendations of the Authorized English Version of the Old Testament" (Andover, 1873); "A Harmony of the Gospels in Bulgarian" (Constantinople, 1880); "Suggested Modifications of the Revised Version of the New Testament" (Andover, 1883) ;"A Bible Dictionary," in Bulgarian (Constantinople, 1884); and minor publications, including tracts, hymns, and collections of hymns, in Greek, Armenian, and Bulgarian.



Preface by professor Stuart


Introduction. Chaldee Language and Literature


PART I. - Orthography and Orthoepy.







Of reading unpointed text

PART II. - Etymology.

Derivation and inflection of words generally

Mutations of consonants

Vowel changes

PRONOUNS; personal and possessive

Suffix pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns

Relative and interrogative

VERBS; derivation and inflection


Moods and tenses

Inflection of the Regular Verb

Notes on the Par. of the Regular Verb

Personal inflection of the participles

Unfrequent Conjugations

Quadriliteral Verbs

Verbs with Gutturals

Regular Verbs with Suffix-pronouns


Verbs Pe Nun

    Ayin doubled

    Pe Yodh

    Pe Aleph

    Ayin Vav and Ayin Yodh

    Lamedh Aleph

    doubly anomalous

    defective, and mixed forms

    irregular, with suffix pronouns

NOUNS; derivation

    gender and number

    states; emphatic


Dec. I. II.

Dec. III

Dec. IV. V.


Dec. IX.

Irregular nouns



PARTICLES; adverbs




PART III.Syntax.

PRONOUNS; personal

Used instead of the subst. verb

Pronouns; relative


    reflexive, how designated



VERBS; use of the tenses

Peculiar mode of designating certain tenses

Use of the Imperative



Optative mood

Agreement of the verb with its subject

Impersonal verbs; how designated

Regimen of verbs

Verbs used for adverbs

Constructio praegnans


NOUNS; designation of cases

Use of the cases


Repetition of nouns


    comparison of


PARTICLES; adverbs


Interrogative particles

PARADIGMS of verbs, nouns, &c.


PART I.Select sentences from the Targum of Onkelos

PART II.Extracts from the Targums.

I. History of the fall, Gen. 3. Onkelos

II. The same, Gen. 3. Pseudo-Jonathan

III. The same, Gen. 3. Jerusalem Targum

IV. Story of a dispute between Cain and Abel, Gen. 4:8. Jerusalem Targum

V. Marriage of Samson, Judg. 14. Jonathan

VI. Prediction of Messiah's kingdom, Ps. 2. author of the Targum uncertain

VII. The praises of Jehovah, Ps. 8.

VIII. Parable of the vineyard, Isa. 5:1-7. Jonathan

IX. Extract from Isaiah's prediction of the Messiah, Isa. 52:13-53:2. Jonathan

X. Aphorisms of Solomon, Prov. 10:1-12. Targumist unknown

PART III. - The Biblical Chaldee.

I. Jeremiah 10:11

II. Daniel 2:4-7:28

III. Ezra 4:8-6:18

IV. Ezra 7:12-23

NOTES on Part I

    on Part II

    on Part III


APPENDIX A. Rabbinical Character and Style.

APPENDIX B. On the Syriac Language now spoken in the East